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Diseño de los FADs

The original design of the surface FADs was based on a system that has been used by the State of Hawaii since 1980. Their system is operated by the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology (HIMB), SOEST, University of Hawaii in cooperation with the State of Hawaii's Division of Aquatic Resources (DAR). The program is directed by Dr. Kim Holland of HIMB. Principle funding for their system is derived from the Dingle-Johnson Federal Funds, disbursed through DAR. The daily management of their FAD system is supervised by Mr. Warren Cortez. The original FADs in the PR FAD system were constructed and deployed by Fundacion Legado Azul led by chairmen Dr. Alfredo Torruella and the Fundacion's Board of Directors. Funds were acquired through a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Sport Fish Restoration Program grant awarded to Puerto Rico's Department of Natural Resources (Project F-70.1). Most recently, the Beyond Our Shores Foundation received funds (Project F-70.3) from the PR DNER to construct and deploy four submerged FADs. The design used for those FADs and in those deployments is below.

Surface FADs

Submerged FADs

Due to the amount of shipping activity along the north coast of Puerto Rico, submerged FADs are being deployed with the goal to increase FAD longevity by eliminating potential shipstrikes.